Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seattle Performers coming to San Diego!!

SpeedBump is a vision for the future of burlesque, setting up collaborations with local boundary-smashing performers in various cities across the Western half of the U.S. to showcase the innovative and explorative facets of the genre.

Irreverent, political, genre-blending and gender-bending—the unique talents of these fabulous four converge to highlight the most thrilling aspects of the neo-burlesque movement. Drag, Dance, Performance Art, and Anthropology come together in an edgy spectacle fusing the ecdysiastic and academic with grace and charm (and a healthy dose of skin).


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About the Luminous Pariah
An internationally recognized boylesque sensation. When the curtain parts; a brilliant mélange of saucy satire, witty comedy, avant garde artistry, and tantalizing tease awaits you. Mr. Pariah’s explosive multidisciplinary performance art presents you with an exhilarating form of storytelling:
Neo-Burlesque: the innovative striptease.

About Randi Rascal
Iconoclast, Anthropologist, Jester, Stripper: Randi Rascal is your own private radical. An incendiary alloy of beauty and wit, she will seduce you out of the mainstream and into her world of glamorous anarchy, where nothing is sacred and everything’s sexy. Randi’s talents have been featured across the U.S. and Canada, from the tiny, historic stage of Seattle’s Pink Door to the grand showroom at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Competition in Las Vegas. With every performance, she beckons you beyond the bump n’ grind. Get revolutionary.

About Paris Original
Paris Original is poetry in motion, exuding the graceful elegance of balletic beauty. This international burlesque star calls on his extensive experience in many forms of dance and theatre to craft his unique style of burlesque. Possessing a statuesque aesthetic, he utilizes his affinity for movement to captivate, inspire and capture the hearts of audiences wherever he goes. Paris is also a founding member of the Neo-burlesque troupe Mod Carousel.

About Wiggy Stardust
Avant-garde, irreverent, and political—Wiggy Stardust blind-sides the boundaries between performance art and burlesque with her unique brand of shimmery subversion and high-concept performance. Wiggy earned her Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Washington in 2010 with a concentration in Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXARTS), finishing up her art school education a highly controversial (and censored) electronic burlesque performance. Wiggy has graced stages all over Seattle with her lavish and outlandish sensiblities, rocking the casbah from glam rock operas at The Crocodile to Teatro Zinzanni’s late-night cabaret, Mezzo Lunatico. She most recently produced and performed in an evening of feminist performance art and burlesque at the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle’s contemporary Art Museum, in conjunction with the academic symposium honoring artist Carolee Schneemann, Streaming In From the Moon.

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Video of Paris Original in a past performance